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BIM POS Driving Key POS Innovations in Hospitality and Retail

Beirut December 18, 2018: Drums roll at Beirut Digital District to welcome elite experts from hospitality and retail, who gather to celebrate BIM POS’ innovative tech-discoveries.

“The year 2018 has been the time of intense professional activity, positive initiatives and exciting projects, all of which was accomplished together with our highly-valued talents, as well as with you being our clients;” how BIM POS Founder and Managing Director John Balian expresses his gratitude to an esteemed group of business experts and entrepreneurs, as well as to leaders representing Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon, Lebanese Franchise Association, and media networks.

To Balian, the aim is to showcase a pragmatic demonstration of POS latest value-adding innovative trademarks combined with up-to-date operational methodologies and technologies helping shape personalized experiences for consumers both in-store and online. “The industry of retail and hospitality hasn’t seen a more exciting time than today’s ability to manage business more efficiently through automation, artificial intelligence and integrative security measures,” Balian adds.

John Balian CEO of BIM POS on Stage at INPACT 2018 BDD Lebanon

…and then dives in to speak of BIM POS hottest innovative features:

1-POS New Design & Functionalities;

The new POS has been boosted to a modern style look of flat buttons and eye-friendly pastel colors. A very mindful feature it includes in version 10 is the capacity to fit up to 11,000 sold items only through one level of category click, making it the number one dynamic POS product in the world to grab so many products in a single page.

It’s considered ideal for nightlife business and that of patisserie and chocolate stores, where hundreds of product combinations come together. Not to forget the notification bar, on the top right side of this new POS screen, to consolidate all user’s notifications timely.

POS Masterdine V10 Menu Screen uplift flat and pastel


2-Smart Employee Time Attendance;

Smart for a reason! The new POS V10 software records punctuality, grooming standards, and emotional features of employees as they clock in and clock out, allowing no glitches or manipulation.

With as low spend as that of a $20, the required hardware functions in a simple mode as that of a home webcam installed on the POS terminals. The new software can also be integrated with all kinds of video cameras.

3-The Employee Customer Interaction Recording;

Easy access to customer-agent association is now at hand. BIM POS V10 also introduces a feature that does a silent video recording of the interactions between customers and agents involved in store i.e. cashiers and delivery operators.

Supermarket and Retail Environment

Delivery & Call Center Environment

Reviewing and verifying customers’ mishaps or transaction discrepancies is now accessible from the POS itself without having to access the store’s DVR/NVR system.

4-Smart Cash Drawer (hardware and software feature)

Employee trust concerns, theft and drawer discrepancies are history now that this feature solves it. It can prevent theft by 78% by monitoring how, when, and for how long the drawer is being accessed. It beeps when the drawer is ajar for longer than expected, monitors on key openings or security lock openings, and allows control over drawer access in times of no sales. All is generated in a detailed report at the end of the day.

5-Smart Client Up sell

The secret sauce to revenue? This is an innovative revenue generating tool; it entitles delivery operators or cashiers to up sell genuinely in a non robotic manner taking into consideration business requirements as well as profitable margins and categories. Also, it brings forward what others are buying and the consumer isn’t, and it’s as easy as asking clients questions related to their choices.

6-Client Preferences (likes & dislikes)

Garlic, no garlic, vegetarian, the preferences are endless! This an AI engine that takes in clients’ preferences and proposes selective items based on their likes and dislikes. Also, expect to receive food pairing ideas recommended by others; all to improve customer marketing approach and to emotionally elevate shopper’s experience.

7-Food Ordering Chat Bot

The company offers a chat bot that is integrated with all its software systems; in sync with the newly created AI engine which connects members’ Facebook messenger to that of BIM POS - to now become another revenue generating tool transforming FB into a revenue hub with no extra effort - Taking digital orders, uploading menus, and communicating with clients is as easy as winking.

8-Live Dashboard in B.O. (Back Office)

In addition to the new facelift of the Back Office application, a new feature is born to kiss the time consuming and complicated reports goodbye. Here comes the live dashboard reporting tool that any user or owner can customize according to KPIs, food costs, gross profits, and voids, all on user’s desktop fast and live. It only takes a glimpse to monitor key changes. It also refers users back to data upon different seasons, occasions, branches, and even concepts.

9-ISO ready ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Manages full enterprise, as of stock inventory, purchasing, production and finance; and at once offers traceability on items’ expiration dates, date of production, and flavor approbation, allowing manufacturer to track product reach and take action in case of any incident, all through Lot numbers.

This new feature breaks one of the biggest challenges in hospitality and manufacturing units without having to integrate multiple software applications altogether. Now BIM POS has it easy on the eye!

Watch this video to see how big production plants have full visibility on their production using the batch lots and expiration dates.

10-Invoicing Using the OCR Technology

The most perplexing innovation of all; BIM POS introduces the fastest innovative invoicing tool on earth. Now, the new back office is able to receive goods by simply taking a photo of relevant invoice and scanning it. Et Voila, items have been invoiced!

11-WebTrack Enhanced

This technology, to put it a nutshell, is a customer delivery order tracking tool that can send menus to customers, share with them newest updates through SMS and live interactions, and send locations to drivers delivering the goods without needing to install any software at the customer’s. BIM POS Web track has brought in many updates and enhancements to this new product allowing in-store delivery dispatchers to track drivers and receive customers’ reviews and notifications live.

12-Hoster (Table Reservation Software)

Last but not least, this feature is optimized to introduce new enhancements, new ways and original customization tools, fully integrated with the POS in place or in restaurants. It works on its own to be taking reservations and, next, allocating them. Your guest could be a low spender, a high spender, or a VIP, this Hoster knows it all.


“In truth, we are much concerned about the future and we are very keen to seeing you there; here’s to this milestone and to what follows,” how John Balian has thanked attendees. The packed room buzzes with energy as the evening is followed by informal conversation and buffet reception celebrating BIM POS 10-year anniversary and the delight of lately franchising in the UAE.

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