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Data Breach

Are Your Customers Data Secure?

Have you ever thought about your data security and your customers’ personal information safety? Let us pinpoint some crucial drawbacks resulting from not taking the matter seriously.

Securing your company’s and customers’ data is one of the most important factors of a successful business. Whether a big company or a startup, data security is significantly needed regardless of the service or product offered by the firm.

Usually, when a big company experiences data breach, the news spreads all over the world and fingers start pointing to potential victims of identity theft.  However, no matter the size of your company, if you are dealing with sensitive data, then it means you are at risk. Thus it’s always a must to take several measures for proper data security, for the customers’ data safety, and for your own credibility.

Here are a few things to consider when pursuing a data security process:

  • Mind the cost: Is the protected data worth the cost you are paying? Would you spend 500$ on a safe that holds less than 100$?
  • Educate your employees: Are your employees aware of your company’s data importance? Do they know what measures to take in order to protect your data?
  • Proceed to regular backup: Losing your data is a very painful experience. Therefore, make sure to run backup processes to avoid total or partial loss of data. Below are some backup methods that we recommend:
    • Live backup: it is a costly process as it requires technology and hardware update, but it’s the best method to minimize data loss.
    • Odd backup: schedule backups to run every other day—one backup on MWFS (Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun) and another on TTHS (Tue-Thu-Sat).
    • Cloud Backup: backing up the files on Cloud is not costly anymore. It is the safest way to protect valuable data from any disasters.
    • Multimedia Backup: Creating backup copies on different computers and media is another safe way to avoid complete data loss in a company. USB flash disks and Hard Disks are good options.
  • Use firewall: as it helps secure your network traffic. Securing the company’s network protects the company from external or internal hacking attempts. Make sure to design and shape the network infrastructure before considering any firewall implementation.
  • Validate: Backed up data should always be validated to ensure successful data recovery when needed.

Recovering your data from breach is extremely expensive. It is not only costly but also time-consuming and effort-demanding to recover to point 0, not to mention that such an accident will surely affect the whole company’s reputation. Several banks in the Middle East have been attacked a few months ago by hackers that made their systems send malicious emails to clients and granted the hackers access to all users’ accounts and passwords. LinkedIn accounts were also hacked in 2012. This breach made the company lose lots of cash, status, and liability.

Whether your company includes 5 or 5000 employees, you should never take security for granted when it comes to sensitive data. Do not gamble your entire business away as you never know when you will fall prey to a cyber-attack. Always make sure to take the best security measures to keep all your customers’ data safe and sound.

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John Balian

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