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Hostess greeting customers with a Reservation module on tablet

Are you an Upscale Restaurant?

What makes your place unique and special? Of course hygiene and delicious food are important and every successful restaurant has to preserve both of them; however, premium quality of service is a vital asset that not every place is able to have.

The keys to this kind of service are speed, knowledge, and authentication. Most of the old-school hospitality people fear the integration of technology in their businesses, but the ones who take risks always succeed to add a special touch to their place. Nowadays, Mobile phones and tablets, have become a revolutionary tool for the restaurant’s service and management.

Below are some of the benefits of mobile applications for a table-service restaurant:

  • Improved communication: Better communication avoids many problems such as running out of a desired menu offering. Telling a customer that an item is no longer available on the menu after the order is placed is very unprofessional and leaves a bad impression. Knowing items availability beforehand is very substantial.


  • Smoother Reservation and Seating Process: The old manual methods of processing reservations and seating plans are less efficient and error-prone. The table management system on tablets helps us prevent double booking the same table, consolidate customer information, and synchronize reservation’s information between the multiple tablets and POS terminals as you operate. It also enables us to track each table’s status, such as the time taken by customers to arrive to the site, time to order, and length of seating. Therefore customers will be seated faster to embark on a unique dining journey.


  • Reducing Customer Time: Being equipped with mobile technology at tableside allows orders to be sent immediately to the kitchen or bar, where menu details and price could easily be customized and edited by managers when required. Therefore, staff and customers could always be aware whenever any change occurs. The enhanced inventory system in a mobile POS can tell the waiters which items are still on hand and which ones are no longer open. Create a low count for menu items to keep the kitchen and waitstaff on the same wavelength.

Most people agree that tablets are definitely a cool factor for both customers and employees. However, by guaranteeing their ability to enhance the business, you will ensure that you are on the right track, and hence your enterprise will keep on growing and customers will always come back to your restaurant.

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