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Food Affair Dbayeh Serving Breakfast

An Affair in Dbayeh Not to Be Kept Behind Closed Doors

Food Affair restaurant in Dbayeh is an exceptional dining experience that will whip up delightful sensations in your memory and bring passion and excitement back to your relationship with food.


Food Affair started mostly as a friend affair, when one of the owners who has developed a love affair with food at an early age and apprenticed under several well-known chefs in PARIS at Cordon Bleu & Alain Ducasse, has decided to open her own place.


“Eating share psychological attributes of life's greatest pleasures, both capable of providing a sense of nurturing, comfort, and being loved as well as instant gratification,” Food Affair owner Mireille Khoury says.


At Food Affair, the real star is the food. Tables laden with delicacies line the walls. Everything you can think of, and things you have never dreamed of, lie in wait. Be ready for the fascination rising from tasting the starters Escargots Infatuation and Coquilles St. Jaques Ectasy. Then, you might not be surprised if the crabs get really amorous while choosing to have the Flirty Crab Salad.


Huge platters of shrimps dipped in bisque sauce will truly awaken your closeness with food as in Shrimp Ravioli Intimacy. And wait until your indulge in Passionate Angus Tenderloin; the rich aroma of the dish wafts down and beckons you while you delve your teeth deep and fast into the pulpy texture of the tenderloin. At this place, you are also coddled with countless, breads, vegetables, sweets, waterfalls of wine, and streams of spirits that flicker with flames.


But why presenting food at Food Affair goes with using a sensual language?


Mireille Khoury and Rana Haidar have some interesting talk to share with BIM POS;

They explain that people nowadays have lost touch with their relationship to food. Eating has become a source of confusion and conflict rather than a delightful pleasure as we became more digital friendly. For some of us, the concept of doing anything except ordering in seems like too much work. Absolutely, our lives are becoming too busy to slow down and prepare a home-cooked meal for instance. “At Food Affair, we want to revive having a food love affair which means having a deep, meaningful, and loving relationship to the food we put in our bodies.”

They added that sharing food has always been a way of establishing closeness and intimacy. It is a common flirtatious practice to eat out of each other's plates while one is with friends or loved ones. So, using a sensual language is a way of affirming the pleasures that one can surely share while dining at the restaurant.

“You are going to treat food as your new lover, with whom you see the potential for a committed relationship. Rather than making food the enemy, you want to fall in love with our food,” Mireille says.


And why is it an AFFAIR?


It is truly an affair they say. When you meet someone who attracts you, the curiosity can be overwhelming. You want to know so many things; passion and excitement surround the quest for familiarity about this new person. Don’t you think food deserves the same amount of interest? It makes a huge impact on your state of mind, emotional well-being, and senses.


“In this modern life, we take for granted what we consume every day. We are missing the intimate connection to food, and how it awakens our senses. At Food Affair, we gave it our energy, excitement, and nourished it with love, all what you are going to feel,” Co-owner Rana Haidar says.


“This place is where people have chosen to commit to a love affair with food, and we want them to be happy to say it’s been happily ever after! Just like engagement and marriage. This is why we have called one of our sandwiches Steak Engagement for instance; it is more like creating a deep loving bond with food,” Mireille adds.



The restaurant is a cozy, warm and modern place; its interior has an open window kitchen that allows one to enjoy a live cooking show. Copious amounts and wide assortment of French, and international flavors, presented by chef Mohammad El Sayed, await you at Food Affair.

And a closing thought by Mireille;

A love affair that ends can provoke great pain; we have promised that the affair with food at our restaurant will never be painful and will never end; it is a love affair that you will not regret!

Layal Dabbous

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