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The Armenian Manti (Manteuh)

A Real Treat of Armenian Cuisine at Nour Restaurant

MONOT gets lingering Armenian Cuisine smells as NOUR Restaurant newly opens its doors in the district.


The long-awaited Resto was launched on Monday, February 12 at the junction of Abdul Wahab El Inglizi Street in the upscale Beiruti suburb of Achrafieh.

After almost seven decades of success in the Ichkhanian Bakery, Nour Restaurant counts as another hit of the Ichkhanian food series. The restaurant remodels popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences, in order to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavors. Owners of Ichkhanian Bakery have partnered with two friends, Shant and Armen to create Nour. Having said this, the restaurant offers a whole new experience of lively cooked, Ichkhanian quality Lahmadjun, Manti and Subeoreg, three Armenian delicacies not to be missed.



Armenian Lahm Baajin with Lemon


We have been blessed with the delicious smell of success out of our Lahmadjoun or Lahm Aajin pastries which people exclusively seek at Ichkhanian Bakery in Zokak el Blatt and Jal el Dib.

"We have done all what it takes to make Nour not less of a success; food and ambiance here will take you through the pages of history rich culture of Armenia as well as to the traditional Lebanese treats,” says Elie Ichkhanian general manager of Ichkhanian Bakery Jal el Dib and now of Nour.


Armenian Soubeureg of Nour Restaurant


The Armenian food at Nour tastes like home-made ones; it will give you unforgettable impression about Armenia in general and the skills of the Armenian kitchen. And as Nour’s partner manager Shant Kulbashian says:

Just like anywhere else in the world, the best food can be found at home kitchens of ordinary folks; and we made sure Nour is nothing less than a home.


At Nour, guests surely find a table groaning under simultaneously served appetizers and courses. A taste of Lebanese and Mediterranean classics is savored in Rocca and Feta, Kebbeh Nayeh, Kebbeh Kras, Ras Asfour, not to overlook Lahem Meshwi, and Tawouk.


What about the real Armenian bonne bouche?


Nour restaurant brings you the coolest recipes from know-how Armenian Chef.


“The Armenian dishes at Nour are juicy and spicy. Our chef always uses a lot of spices – a variety of herbs and flowers. He is always happy spending time boiling, whipping, stuffing, pureeing meat and vegetables to bring out a satisfying culture menu,” Ichkhanian says.


Basterma with Cheese and Walnuts

Nour Restaurant from Inside


Kabab Khashkhash is surely one of the selected mains on Nour’s menu. A ground minced meat mixed with parsley, pepper, crushed garlic and spices, then shaped into Kabab and grilled, served on a bed of tomato sauce, is an experience to indulge in. The Kabab Karaz, Kabab Laban, and much more delicacies of the Armenian cuisine are worth of a taste.


The glory and fame of Armenian national cuisine extends far beyond the borders of the country. Talking of homeland, the name "Nour" itself symbolizes culture; it means pomegranate fruit in the Armenian language that has always been the symbol of abundance, happiness, occasions, and prosperity. And Nour team wants nothing less than you experiencing these upbeat gears when indulging in food and feel at the restaurant.


A chance to taste the Armenian food at Nour Restaurant is so worthwhile that would make any food lover swoon!

Layal Dabbous

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